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Learn more about PB-FILMS and the people behind our lenses

We're not just videographers; we're filmmakers and storytellers with a passion for delivering valuable, engaging, and thoughtful content. When you choose us, you're choosing a team that believes in making your story matter, creating videos that go beyond aesthetics to connect with your audience on a profound level.


Welcome to PB-FILMS! We make videos that can boost your business and make your events stand out.

Our testimonial promo videos feature happy customers sharing why they love your product or service. This builds trust and encourages others to choose you.

Event highlight videos capture the excitement of your events. We can even show these highlights during the event itself.

Why choose us? Our expert team is passionate about making fantastic videos that exceed your expectations. We take care of everything, so you can focus on your business. Our prices are affordable, and we deliver on time.

Ready to level up your marketing? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business succeed. Let's create videos that show the world what you're all about.

Erick Magana

Meet Erick, the CEO of PB-Films. His journey into video production and marketing began in 2012 when he found a life-changing Facebook Ad while volunteering for a non-profit in San Diego. This ad led him to hire a top business coach who worked with renowned names like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Tim Ferris.

With his coach's guidance, Erick learned the art of business video production and was inspired to start PB-Films in 2014. Since then, he's worked with influential entrepreneurs and events like "Summit of Greatness," "Vidsummit," "Social Media Marketing World," "Profit-con," and many more. Erick also creates short-form content for social media with clients such as Jocko Willink and Alex Hormozi.

Erick's background is in visual communication, and he holds a business degree from Long Beach, CA. He's a husband and a father of two, and he's always on the move, serving clients across the United States and Canada.

Erick is grateful for his career and strives to make meaningful connections and impact through his work. If you need a skilled videographer with a passion for marketing, Erick Magana is your guy.

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Our Team

Raul Pena

Meet Raul, a passionate video editor based in the beautiful coastal city of Ensenada, Mexico. With an impressive ability to work quickly and effectively, Raul is a master at creating short-form content with engaging graphics and closed captions, as well as editing full-length promotional videos featuring testimonials from satisfied clients.

Raul's skills in storytelling and editing bring a unique and entertaining perspective to his work, captivating audiences with each piece he creates. As a bilingual editor fluent in both English and Spanish, Raul is able to connect with a wider range of clients, making his services in high demand.

When he's not busy bringing his clients' visions to life, Raul loves to take his furry companion for a stroll along the beach. With his exceptional skills, dedication, and love for his craft, Raul is sure to continue making waves in the world of video production.

Albert Izael Ramirez

Meet Albert Isael, a valued member of our team here at PB-Films. Albert joined our creative family in August 2023, and his work has been consistently remarkable ever since. He is one of our skilled video editors.

His keen eye for detail, talent for storytelling, and ability to bring out the best in every scene make him an indispensable part of our team. He doesn't just edit videos; he weaves narratives that touch hearts and ignite imaginations.

Albert is a fun guy and incredibly passionate about creating engaging videos that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

He loves to watch movies, play video games, take pictures, and he considers editing a hobby. He enjoys it to a level where it doesn't feel like a job.

Seth Steinacher

Meet Seth, a professional who excels in the art of creating same-day edits and crafting engaging podcast videos. Seth is not only highly skilled in his work but also remarkably efficient, ensuring that your content is ready in no time.

His charismatic personality makes him a delightful companion, adding an element of fun to any project. Beyond his professional life, Seth has a passion for music and spends his free time playing the drums.

He's also an avid gamer, immersing himself in virtual worlds whenever he can. But perhaps his greatest joy comes from spending quality moments with his two beloved huskies, making cherished memories as they explore the world together.

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