6 Incredible Video Commercial Campaigns and What We Can Learn From Them

Video campaigns

With all the emphasis on video marketing over the last few years, we knew it had started to pick up steam to become the next big thing for entrepreneurs. With over 4 billion video watches on Facebook everyday, social media is the place where brands go viral by sheer creativity and ingenuity.  

Based on the latest trends, Facebook and Google will continue taking center stage as brands compete for more ad space. So what are the qualities of the most successful commercial video campaigns? After attaining several years of experience in video marketing, we’ve identified five things that you need to execute:

i) identify with the target audience’s pain points
ii) tell a brand story that resonates with those pain points
iii) use a catchy hook to capture audience attention (you only have a three-second window!)
iv) show social proof
v) make big promises (and fulfill them!)

As you can see, putting together a commercial video campaign for YouTube and Google takes actual strategy and quite a bit of deliberation. Yet most videos look like they were put together using duct tape and spackle at the last possible second. Now that’s money spent down the drain.

Instead, you should learn to manage audience expectations by thinking outside the box, putting yourself in their shoes, and if possible, taking inspiration from brands that are doing it right.

Below are 3 best practices for commercial Facebook video ads followed by six real-world examples. 

1. It is Relevant to the Target Audience 

Relevancy is crucial for success when using Google advertising. Remember, you are paying each time someone interacts with the ad. If you’re showing video campaigns that aren’t relevant to your audience, you’ve wasted money that will likely not see any ROI in the near future. 

Facebook and Google have refined their algorithms to favor video campaigns that are relevant to the target audience and gives them a higher score (and that translates into a lower CPC). 

2. Provides a Unique Value Proposition

A value proposition tells the audience why they should buy from you and not your competition. It defines how your product or service is different from others. The first three seconds (also known as the hook point) of the video should define why you are the right company for the job. 

More importantly, the value proposition has to make sense and not make broad claims. For example, saying you have the greatest steaks in the world will not make people come to your restaurant. But maybe offering 30% off will. 

3. The Video Needs a Relevant Call-to-Action

Even though you’ve put together a powerful video with catchy visuals and a great intro, it’s not going to make much of an impact without a good call-to-action (CTA) at the end. Without a CTA, your viewers will have little clue about what to do next. 

Add a CTA like, “Offer ends soon” or “Buy now and save X%.” This effectively leverages FOMO (fear of missing out) market mechanics and creates a sense of urgency. 

To create a call to action that works best for your audience, you have to know a few things about them, including:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Connections to similar pages on Facebook

Now that we’ve covered the main ad best practices for Facebook and Google, let’s sample 6 of the best commercial campaigns that embrace the above guidelines.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks immediately cuts to the chase by identifying with the most common pain points of their target audience: accounting for small businesses. 

The video starts off with an interview of a client, a small business owner, who struggled with multiple accounting programs, until she came across FreshBooks. 

In just under a minute, FreshBooks tells you exactly what you’ll get with their accounting software. There is no use of marketing buzzwords and over-the-top visuals, it’s simple and gets the job done. Customer testimonials demonstrate how your product has helped other people in a similar situation, moreover, they also give you the much-needed social proof for your business. 

2. The Botanist – Wild. Foraged. Distilled.

This slow-paced video comes across as a slightly amateurish attempt at film making, but that’s exactly the kind of vibe it is shooting for. It doesn’t feature any fancy graphics or voice-overs either. It simply shows you the journey of one small team and how they foraged and sourced for fresh ingredients. In just over 2 minutes, the video shows the nuts and bolts of the distillation process, convincing the target audience of giving their product a shot. 

3. Lume Deodorant

The ad starts off with a whimsical musical number that draws your attention. There are no long and drawn out intros that demand the viewer’s patience. Instead, the artists use lyrics that are both hilarious and on-point. 

To make the video easy to follow, the ad uses several visual and text cues to support their product. Anyone looking for a better skincare solution will find this video engaging. The video is clearly relevant to anyone looking for a better skincare solution and wants something more organic to block odor and rashes. 

4. SofaLush

SofaLush doesn’t mince any words with their introductions. The video opens up with a small montage of people installing their sofa cover simply and easily with stunning results. Each video in the montage is just a few seconds long, and clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the product. You can create a similar high-quality montage with your promo video and get more engagement.  


5. Blinkist 

Here’s an example of a video from Blinkist that demonstrates the most attractive aspects of the product through a montage of visuals. The ad prominently displays the most popular book titles that their readers liked – this is great for social proof and effectively demonstrates multiple product features. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=10158687394165456

6. Dollar Shave Club

Last but not the least; we have this viral campaign from the Dollar Shave Club ad. The use of unconventional marketing paired up with a down-to-earth demeanor went a long way in making this video an absolute marketing success. The company only spent $4,500 on their viral video. Soon, it was acquired by Unilever for a whopping $1 billion. You do the math. 

They honed in on the value they bring to their customers with their ad – and also demonstrated why $1 (the price of each razor blade) actually makes sense. The entire ad reinforces this message, calling out their readers to try out something new without breaking the bank. 

Wrapping Up

No matter which platform you want to target, video ads can make a lasting impact on your prospects. They are a key component of any good marketing strategy.  Want your video to do better on Facebook ads and capture a wider spectrum of audience? At PB- Films, we can simplify the entire video marketing process for you – from capturing high-quality footage to editing together the main highlights of your video. What you get is a gripping video that bursts onto the screen like an action movie. Click here to learn how we can tell your brand journey.